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Why pandemics?

We have seen what daily life is like, living under a pandemic, whilst we thought we were protected from infectious diseases. But Covid-19 is not the first pandemic to hit the world. From the plague to Zika and from cholera to dengue fever, what are these epidemics that sometimes spill across borders to become pandemics? Where do they come from? How can we react and get through them?

Rights sold French
Series 5W2H

20 hazelnuts for Hector

Day after day, it is the same story... Hector brings only 20 hazelnuts from the harvest, when his friends could collect even more that 100! What is he doing all day? When a violent storm destroy their forest, all the squirrels of the community realize that Hector was the wisest. A new forest is waiting for them...

Series Fiction

Death, frightens a bit, a lot…

Author , Dufresne Rhéa
Illustrator , Chebret Sébastien

To lose a loved one is a challenging time. We do not always find the right words to express what we feel. Some people prefer to stay alone, other prefer to gather with people… A title that deals with the subject of the mourning with delicacy.


A book about death thought for everyone.

Series Key topics

Li'l bats

The bats have wings. Indeed. But their wings are not made of feathers, They are covered with a thin dark skin. Little queens of the night, they like to nest all day long in attics and tree trunks. Each mother nurse their babies and soon… hop! It is time to learn how to hunt! During winter, let us leave them alone, it is hibernation time!

Series Li'l creatures!

The Amazon River

The Amazon River is an oversized river. It flows from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean through South America. It is a life source for the Amazon Forest and beats every records of biodiversity. The riverbanks that shelter lots of species are nourishing fields for the rebeirinhos. Alas! The first incursions from the western world 600 years ago opened a race for the exploitation of the resources, which is growing continuously and leads to deforestation.

Series You are here

Impro with the saxo

Illustrator Karine Maincent

A mouthpiece and its reed, a curved neck, a straight conical tube with 19 to 22 holes, a system of keys and levers and a flared bell… it is the saxophone! How do we make the reed vibrate? How to blow and play a saxophone? How do we craft it? Which type of music do we play with a saxophone? Discover this bright and popular instrument.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series Shebam!

Get out viruses!

With billions of cells, our body is well equipped! But what is exactly their purpose? How do they organize themselves? Which role do our organs and our microbiotas play in our immune system? And what about the vaccines? An up-to-date picture book!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Korean, Turkish
Series I know my body


Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

We can eat grapes in several forms: fresh, dried, juiced… but do we really know this fruit? If the grapevine can be cultivated all around the world, it needs to be treated with care and to be protected throughout the year. How do winegrower manage all of that? What are the alternative ways to use chemical products? Discover this exhaustive picture book to know everything about grapes.

Series I know what I eat

Why space exploration?

Author Fabrice Nicot
Illustrator Élodie Perrotin

From man’s first step on the Moon to SpaceX, human beings are exploring the solar system and observing the Earth at the speed of light. Why are we sending satellites into orbit? Is the cost of space exploration justified? What happens on the International Space Station? The POCQQ collection explores this hot topic from a distance that allows readers to draw their own opinions.

Series 5W2H

Mount Fuji, Japan’s sacred volcano

Illustrator Catherine Cordasco

Mount Fuji embodies Japan’s immortal soul. From a distance, you can admire its perfect dimensions, and as you get closer, it reveals it secrets! For example, ice caves, underground tunnels and reminders of past eruptions. To this day, reaching the volcano’s summit means entering the domain of the Gods. It is also about discovering the ancestral legends but also the legends of today… Explore Japanese culture through Mount Fuji!

Series You are here

Mysteries and cobwebs – araneidae

Author Fleur Daugey
Illustrator Émilie Vanvolsem

Spiders are not always favored. They scare most of the people! But though, we have much to learn about those genious weavers: between the Argyroneta which is capable to live underwater and the misumena which is able to take over the color of a butterfly that is its prey, their abilities surprise us. In the house, it is useless to destroy their cobweb hastily. They catch flies and mosquitoes that annoy us!

Rights sold Finnish
Series Hello animals!

Li'l snails

Author Fleur Daugey
Illustrator Chloé du Colombier

Little snail wears its shell.  When it rains, it points its head to drink water! Yes, so does it produce its drool that allows it to move. With its four noses that guide the snail, it is sure to find something to eat. To reproduce itself, no need to look for a male or a female: the snails are both!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series Li'l creatures!

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