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Guitar, The Star!

Illustrator Karine Maincent

A body empty and oval, tightened in the middle, a round hole, surrounded by a rosette, a long neck, garnished by a head with keys and six strings... It is the acoustic guitar! How do the strings vibrate? How to choose the right woods? How does the guitar maker work? What about the electric guitar? Discover all the fabrication secrets of this mythic instrument!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series Shebam!

The trees that make our forests

Crunch, crunch... The forest opens its branches! As a walk trough, this album invites us to take the time to observe our surroundings. In the forest, whether it is tropical, humid or tempered, life is running! Up ahead on the canopy, do live outfielder animals. Down under the soil, recycling creatures are colonizing the ground. And so much more to discover!

Series Hello science!

Where does the economy go?

Illustrator Élodie Perrotin

GDP, interest rate, inflation... We hear these words all day long! Should we still run after the growth? What is an economic crisis? Do we have to chose between economy and ecology? What is the future of the globalization? What will be the labor of tomorrow?

Rights sold Korean
Series 5W2H

Energy ! Flow ! The meridian's system

Our body is made of bones, muscles, arteries. Each organ fulfills its role.

But there is also a vital energy that flows in our body that is called Qi by the Chinese, which flows through the meridians.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series I know my body

A green Earth

Our planet offers us numerous energy sources like fossile energy in a limited amount and very polluting, as well as renewable and cleaner energy !

Rights sold Korean, Russian
Series Hello science!


Illustrator Capucine Mazille

When we see them, some of us flee, and others take their microscopes. The insects are a source of inspiration as well as a source of information for the scientists. So let us become all tiny and let us observe the insects!

Series Natural stories

Li'l Ladybugs

Author Fleur Daugey
Illustrator Chloé du Colombier

At spring, the ladybird lays its eggs on a leaf. Some days later, a grey and yellow larva emerges.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series Li'l creatures!

In my little garden

Author Lenia Major
Illustrator Clémence Pollet

It is the holiday ! Our character is happy to meet her grandparents. Her grandfather has prepared a great surprise : a corner of a garden, only for her, and she will take care herself on it.

Rights sold Korean
Series Fiction

What does fashion say?

Author Anne Botella
Illustrator Élodie Perrotin

We often hear that fashion is temporary, shallow, polluting... But we can hardly dispense with fashion. What does fashion tell about our personality? About our society? What is fast fashion? Is sustanaible fashion the only solution?

Series 5W2H

The life of an owl

Whoo-hoo-hoo-oo-o... What is that mysterious animal, which we only hear its hooting only at night ? It is the owl, of course !


Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series The life of…

Like cats and dogs

We are familiar to the cats and the dogs of our everyday life. Both of them are pets, but their skills are very different. But what they have in common is that they need the same amount of care and love.

Rights sold Romanian
Series Hello animals!

The book of magical animals

Author Fleur Daugey
Illustrator Chiara Dattola

Many myths grant magic powers to animals. To the Maya, the hummingbird is the messenger of the thoughts. By the Bobo, the chameleon is the creator of the world. By the combination of these fascinating stories and the scientific studies of the animals, we notice how much the human beliefs are not so far from reality.

Series Fiction

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