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My Closest Cousin

Who is the closer cousin of the tortoise? The crocodile or the frog?

Believe it or not, it’s the crocodile.

With 9 flaps to lift, this book reveals to children (and their parents) the unexpected answers to a series of questions about various animals and plants.

A lift-the-flap book introducing the latest scien­tific discoveries about how species evolve.

Rights sold Korean
Series Fiction

Curious, Chatterbox and Coquette

Illustrator Bruno Robert

Three princesses, Curious, Chatterbox and Coquette, have driven their father to despair. The king would have much preferred to have a son who would succeed him to the throne. Despite this, the three princesses love their grumpy father deeply. One day, war breaks out. Each princess tries to offer a solution but their father does not listen. Captured by the enemy, the king is taken prisoner. This is the ideal opportunity for the three sisters to prove their feminine qualities.

Series Fiction

Elastic Heart

We come to life, and we grow. We live with the name our parents chose. We have their nose, their mouth, their eyes, but it’s in their arms that we really feel happy! It doesn’t matter if we are the first or the last born, because our parents have an elastic heart!

With our cousins, uncles and grandparents, we celebrate… Family, it’s really great!

A happy family's game at the end of the book.

Series Fiction

Life in pink / Life in grey

Illustrator Claire Gandini

Life is pink when we dip our toes in the sea for the first time.

But life is grey when we have to go to bed before it gets dark.

Life is pink when it is raining on a Sunday morning and we can stay in bed.

But life is grey when there we are, lying in bed, and we see a spider taking a stroll on the ceiling.

A dozen humorous examples of how life is sometimes pink and sometimes grey.

This book helps children to express both joy and anxiety.

Series Fiction

What does a Dad smell of ? / What does a Mum smell of ?

Illustrator Claire Gandini

My Dad smells of … grapefruit after-shave. Of toast and butter at breakfast. Of clean laundry... But sometimes he smells of the cat blanket, of the soggy mop, or the dustbin.

My Mum smells of... nappy cream for my baby brother’s bottom. Of flowers picked from the garden. Of holidays in the sun. But sometimes she smells of burnt pizza,of dirty laundry in a heap, or chlorine from the swimming pool...

And sometimes they don’t smell of anything at all.

They smell of vanilla, like all the family!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series Fiction

Happy Snow!

Illustrator Chloé du Colombier

One evening, in the depths of winter, it started to snow. Archie the bear would have loved to watch it swirling all night, but he is tired of standing on two feet. He tosses and turns in bed. How deep will the snow be tomorrow? Up to the fourth branch of the tree? Perhaps even up to the roof?

What luck! How exciting is snow!

Series Fiction

Night time

Author Kochka
Illustrator Les MamouchkAs

Lily is a happy little girl. She is not afraid of anything, except the dark. She’s so scared to go to bed at night that she trembles at the thought of it, as though there was a wolf waiting for her there.

Happily, Lily’s dad comes to the rescue! One day he be­gins to saw some wood. What is he up to? He’s making some long long legs for Lily’s bed so that Lily can go to sleep as peacefully as a little bird in its nest.

Rights sold French
Series Fiction

Little bundle

A child comes into the world and wonders what to put in his bag for the long journey ahead of him. Should he take some cuddly toys, a rattle, his teddy bear, a bed, a cradle or a little chick’s nest?

What is he going to need?

Rights sold French, Korean
Series Fiction

1001 sheep

Author Kerso
Illustrator Kerso

A picture book without words, 1001 sheep is an excellent aid to the age-old technique of falling asleep at night by counting sheep!

Prehistoric sheep, knight sheep, aristocratic sheep. Sheep who garden, sheep who design clothes, popstars sheep. Not to mention sheep mermaids, sheep campers and cowboy sheep. With simple black line drawings and a yellow wash of watercolour, Kerso brings to life 1001 sheep, neither more nor less. And a sheep counter at the bottom of each page keeps up the tally!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , German
Series Fiction


Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

We eat eggs at almost every meal, in the shell, as an omelette, and in cakes, pasta, dough… Fortunately, chickens are generous, they each lay 150 to 250 eggs a year.

So let’s help them produce good eggs by feeding them and taking care of them as we should. And know how to tell the difference between a free range egg and a battery egg…

How to preserve eat eggs and be chicken-friendly ?

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series I know what I eat


Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

Flour, water, a bit of salt, yeast: that’s how you make bread, child’s play. But where does flour come from? How do you grow wheat? Does the earth you plant it in matter? This book answers all those questions and provides the keys to understanding naturefriendly agriculture and consumption. How to eat bread and respect Earth ?

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Polish
Series I know what I eat

The cherry tree

All year long, this tree host within its branches, some leaves  and flowers from numerous species.

Series In the shade of

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