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Mysteries and cobwebs – araneidae

Author Fleur Daugey
Illustrator Émilie Vanvolsem

Spiders are not always favoured. They scare most of the people! But though, we have much to learn about those genious weavers: between the Argyroneta which is capable to live underwater and the misumena which is able to take over the color of a butterfly that is its prey, their abilities surprise us. In the house, it is useless to destroy their cobweb hastily. They catch flies and mosquitoes that annoy us!

Series Hello animals!

Li'l snails

Author Fleur Daugey
Illustrator Chloé du Colombier

Little snail wears its shell.  When it rains, it points its head to drink water! Yes, so does it produce its drool that allows it to move. With its four noses that guide the snail, it is sure to find something to eat. To reproduce itself, no need to look for a male or a female: the snails are both!

Series Nature awakening

Of robots and humans

Illustrator Céline Manillier

Robots are all around us. They grant us many services. But do you know how they operate? What differentiate a machine of an automaton or of a robot? When do we speak of Artificial Intelligence? A picture book made to understand how the robotic was developed and to question their issues.

Rights sold French
Series Hello science!

My great journey


When we travel around the Earth in an imaginary ship, we can see bears, badgers, armadillos… In the savanna, we will meet the elephants, provider of fresh water. By digging holes to find underground water, these bulldozer animals create without knowing pools that will allow other animals to quench their thirst.
Thus, over the journey, we will understand the importance of biodiversity and its balance that is so precious.

Rights sold French
Series Amazing nature

I craft earth's friendly


Cardboard pieces, wool bites, branches, ribbons, bottlenecks… No, don’t throw them anymore! They can become a swing for a doll, or a fanciful necklace, or a garage for small cars… Crafting with material recovery is an occasion to learn how they were manufactured and to become a zero-waste expert!

Series I know what I eat

Li'l Night


Each morning, the sun rises over the garden. And each evening, it disappears on the other side. Some animals go to sleep, others wake up as it gets dark. For the lady glow-worm, it is time to light up her stomach and attract her man. For the owl, the wild boar, the hedgehog and even the bat, the dark is great for hunting. So, let us switch off our lights and listen to the night reveal its secrets!

Series Nature awakening

Guitar, The Star!

Illustrator Karine Maincent

A body empty and oval, tightened in the middle, a round hole, surrounded by a rosette, a long neck, garnished by a head with keys and six strings... It is the acoustic guitar! How do the strings vibrate? How to choose the right woods? How does the guitar maker work? What about the electric guitar? Discover all the fabrication secrets of this mythic instrument!

Series Fiction

The trees that make our forests


Crunch, crunch... The forest opens its branches! As a walk trough, this album invites us to take the time to observe our surroundings. In the forest, whether it is tropical, humid or tempered, life is running! Up ahead on the canopy, do live outfielder animals. Down under the soil, recycling creatures are colonizing the ground. And so much more to discover!

Series Hello science!

Where does the economy go?

Illustrator Élodie Perrotin

GDP, interest rate, inflation... We hear these words all day long! Should we still run after the growth? What is an economic crisis? Do we have to chose between economy and ecology? What is the future of the globalization? What will be the labor of tomorrow?

Rights sold Korean
Series 5W2H

Energy ! Flow ! The meridian's system


Our body is made of bones, muscles, arteries. Each organ fulfills its role.

But there is also a vital energy that flows in our body that is called Qi by the Chinese, which flows through the meridians.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series I know my body

A green Earth


Our planet offers us numerous energy sources like fossile energy in a limited amount and very polluting, as well as renewable and cleaner energy !

Series Hello science!


Illustrator Capucine Mazille

When we see them, some of us flee, and others take their microscopes. The insects are a source of inspiration as well as a source of information for the scientists. So let us become all tiny and let us observe the insects!

Series Natural stories

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