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I garden earth’s friendly

Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

Not much is needed to start enjoying gardening. But to garden, one must know the earth and understand the functioning of nature. During one year, season after season, one can find here all the needed elements to grow one’s own garden, in the ground or in a pot, thus making an alliance with nature. Let’s garden in an earth friendly way!

Rights sold Korean
Series DIY Earth friendly!

I cook earth’s friendly

Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

In this recipe book, we cook tasty and we learn the importance of choosing good products. Delicious sweet and salty recipes, with a way to choose and be aware of the ingredients’ origins. All are easy to realise under the watchful eye of an adult. Let’s cook some tasty and earth-friendly meals!

Rights sold Korean
Series DIY Earth friendly!

The life of a dolphin

With their shiny eyes and their everlasting smile, dolphins are top ranking acrobats. They always live in group, be it for hunting or for coming breathing at the surface. They have a high sense of solidarity and they love to help each other. They are faithful in friendship and keep up together for life! A gentle, charming album to explore the daily life of the friendly dolphin.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series The life of…

Head for islands

In the beginning, there was an island… It is just a piece of earth confetti in the middle of the sea, born from a natural phenomenon. Then it is colonised by birds, insects and small animals… On islands, life can follow its own path. It is while observing them that Darwin came up with his famous evolution theory.

Series Hello animals!

The Famous Stars

Author Adèle Tariel
Illustrator Céline Manillier

For a long time, head in the stars, men have been fascinated by these tiny points of light that can be seen in the sky every night. They are huge stars, 100 times larger than the sun ; their light takes a long time before reaching us! “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!”

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Romanian, Vietnamese
Series Hello science!

Li'l ants

Author Fleur Daugey
Illustrator Chloé du Colombier

One, two, one, two… The ants are crossing the woods at the double to get back to their anthills. Before they could leave, they ware first cleaners and factory workers. Beware! An alien! The ants come hastily inside while the warriors come fighting their enemy. Ants’ life is a busy one!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series Li'l creatures!

The pine tree

Squirrels are pursuing eachother, the golden eagle scans the horizon, the brown bear breathes pine needles... All the animals are dancing together.

Series In the shade of

A thousand and one feelings

The hearing, the smell, the taste, the sight… One is missing… The sense of touch of course! Our five senses enable us to discover and adapt ourselves to our environment. They provide us with all the necessary information about our surrounding world. Convenient? They are more than that!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series I know my body

100% connected

Up there, located in our cranium, is the most mysterious of all our organs… It is the brain. It gives all the necessary orders to make our body move, breathe, or the digestion. Everything without even paying attention! How is that possible? Thanks to all the nerves in our body.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series I know my body

Electric circuits

Illustrator Jérôme Peyrat

Where does electricity come from? The history of electricity is the story of the widespread distribution of light, through technology. We can all do our own bit to control its use, while a greater role could be given to “new energies”. Giving a better way of making electricity and of using less of it.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Korean, Russian
Series Hello science!

Planets in View!

Aboard the space shuttle that propels us light years from our Earth, let's discover the cyclical movements of the planets around our star, the Sun ; the whiteness of the Milky Way, natural satellites, orbital stations, etc.
There, the infernal heat of Mercury... Here the luminous planet Venus or the incredible red of Mars...
A freefall into the solar system, all with a feeling of weightlessness !

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Korean, Romanian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (America), Vietnamese
Series Hello science!

Fire-eater volcanoes

The origins of volcanism lie in the twelve tectonic plates of the earth's crust... plates which move slowly as if on a conveyor belt above molten magma...
These movements, whether pulling the plates towards each other or pushing them away, provoke the accumulation of magmatic gases and molten rocks... and lava erupts!
Told as a story this document explains the mechanics of volcanoes.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Korean, Romanian, Vietnamese
Series Hello science!

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