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My little world

All around you, in the garden, live a multitude of living beings, each one very different. All around you, there is another fascinating world you cannot see: the world of bacteria! There are billions of them, and they were the first inhabitants on Earth. On your skin, in your mouth, in your stomach… they play an essential role in the well-functioning of the body and they help keeping you healthy.

Rights sold Basque, Chinese (simpl.)
Series Amazing nature

What about vegans?

Much noise is made around vegans, whether we embrace their philosophy or whether we wory them. The media seem to report anything and everything on the subject. But who are these vegans and what is the difference between veganism and anti-speciesism? What do vegans do and what do they really want?

Rights sold Korean
Series 5W2H

The life of a macaque

A macaque is agile and full of life. Noisy and garish, it loves to fight, to squabble and at once reconcile and have fun with it congeners, upon the high branches of the trees. The macaque organizes it community life under the orders of a chief. Now it’s time for the children to be deloused!

A gentle, charming picture book to explore the daily life of the friendly macaque.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series The life of…


Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

Crispy, cooked, chicken make our taste buds feel marvelous. Although, are some chicken better than others? A good free ranged chicken, which could run all its life freely is much more firm and tastier! What a happy chap it was!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Korean
Series I know what I eat

1,2,3 Let's move…

All of us can stand still and stand straight. We are able to run, walk, nod and wink… All of it thanks to our skeleton, some muscles and a brain. The brain gives the orders, the muscles make the bones move. The bones together composes the skeleton.


A lovely picture book to explain and understand the machinery of our wonderful “human body”!

Rights sold Basque, Turkish
Series I know my body

At the water!

A little drop of water escapes from a cloud… it’s raining! From the sky to the seas and through the forests, from the liquid form to gas state, the water goes round and round!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series Hello science!

Who are soccer players ?

Illustrator Élodie Perrotin

Soccer players are in the spotlight. Eleven players left their mark: Bobby Charlton, Diego Maradona, King Pelé, Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane, Ruud Gullit… This is not only because they are talented! How did they revolutionize soccer? How did a 150-year old popular game become a global business? What does the future of this sport look like?

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series 5W2H


Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

“It's a fruit!" say the botanists, since it comes from a flower. "It's a vegetable!" say the cooks, as it is served in salty dishes. We selected its seeds, crossed plants and made grafts for wild tomatoes... and they became more or less juicy, with various colors ... Their common point: they grow in summer and if we want to respect nature, it is at this period that it is necessary to eat them.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Polish
Series I know what I eat

I garden earth’s friendly

Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

Not much is needed to start enjoying gardening. But to garden, one must know the earth and understand the functioning of nature. During one year, season after season, one can find here all the needed elements to grow one’s own garden, in the ground or in a pot, thus making an alliance with nature. Let’s garden in an earth friendly way!

Rights sold Korean
Series DIY Earth friendly!

I cook earth’s friendly

Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

In this recipe book, we cook tasty and we learn the importance of choosing good products. Delicious sweet and salty recipes, with a way to choose and be aware of the ingredients’ origins. All are easy to realise under the watchful eye of an adult. Let’s cook some tasty and earth-friendly meals!

Rights sold Korean
Series DIY Earth friendly!

The life of a dolphin

With their shiny eyes and their everlasting smile, dolphins are top ranking acrobats. They always live in group, be it for hunting or for coming breathing at the surface. They have a high sense of solidarity and they love to help each other. They are faithful in friendship and keep up together for life! A gentle, charming album to explore the daily life of the friendly dolphin.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.)
Series The life of…

Head for islands

In the beginning, there was an island… It is just a piece of earth confetti in the middle of the sea, born from a natural phenomenon. Then it is colonised by birds, insects and small animals… On islands, life can follow its own path. It is while observing them that Darwin came up with his famous evolution theory.

Series Hello animals!

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