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Before me…

We are on board for a surprising  odyssey in time and space. From  the infinitely big scale until the  smallest possible, from the times before the Big Bang until the birth

of a baby today. This wonderful and poetic album is a journey along the evolution of life on Earth.

At every step, nothing is  created, nothing is lost,  all things change.

Rights sold Basque, Chinese (simpl.) , Italian, Korean, Portuguese
Series Amazing nature

Under my feet…

Under our feet a vast world of animals, some more visible some less, some more known some less, turns the ground into a rich compost that will feed plants when the time comes. 

The generous format of this album with highly accurate  illustrations is teeming with details of  the annual cycle  of these little animals!

Rights sold Basque, Chinese (simpl.) , Italian, Korean, Turkish
Series Amazing nature


Illustrator Capucine Mazille

We track them in flight, we admire their plumage, we are surprised by their intelligence… Birds are delightful and amazing creatures!

21 stories, moving and fierceful… to tell all of the diversity of behaviours in  the animal’s realm.

Series Natural stories


The weaver’s fitness, the monkey’s  gregariousness, the boa’s digestion,  the white bear’s fur, the penguin’s walk, the manta ray’s flight…

21 stories, moving and fierceful… to tell all of the diversity of behaviours in  the animal’s realm.

Series Natural stories

The body speaks a bit, a lot…

Illustrator Sébastien Chebret

Our body has a language of its own. Facial expression and body movement are signals related to our mood: red face for anger, open arms to hug someone..

12 daily situations to understand our body language.

Series Key topics

Words matter, a bit, a lot…

Illustrator Sébastien Chebret

Hello, Welcome, Please, Goodbye, Thank you, Have a good day, Safe journey, Excuse me, No problem, Good luck, Well done!... 12 little phrases that can change your life if put to good use!

Using polite language can facilitate dialogue with friends and help communication on  every occasion.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Spanish (Spain), Spanish (America)
Series Key topics

Emotions, moving a bit, a lot…

Every day, in my heart and in my head, it is a big flow of emotions! Wonder, joy, anger, sadness, calm, embarrassment, jealousy, surprise, envy,  pride, impatience, fear…12 main emotions are related to daily situations.

A good help to know about and deal with our emotions.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Korean, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (America)
Series Key topics

Time, ends a bit, a lot...

Illustrator Arianna Tamburini

A second is the time it takes to steal a kiss.  A minute is the time to peel an orange.  An hour is the time to paint a masterpiece...  A day is the time to turn a room into a spaceship by covering walls with big planets. A year is long enough to add one number to my age…

Simple and efficient, this book gives clues  to feel comfortable with time measures.

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Chinese (complex) , Korean, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (America), Turkish
Series Key topics

1 heart, 2 lungs

Breathing is dead easy! We do it without even thinking… And yet renewing the air in our lungs requires an ingenious system: our brain, muscles, arteries, veins, etc. are all put to the test.

From the pulmonary alveoli to the smallest arteriole, all is revealed!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Turkish
Series I know my body

What happens to the food we eat?

From the mouth, to the oesophagus, stomach, intestines, and colon… Whether in liquid or solid form, every type of food we eat follows the exact same digestive path. At each stage, the body transforms the food in order to extract either: fats, sugars, proteins, vitamins or minerals from it… All of wich are distributed to the muscles, blood and organs.

That’s digestion in a nutshell!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Turkish
Series I know my body

9 months, 1 baby…

If there is an egg in the mother’s belly, it is because two reproductive cells, one spermatozoid and one ovule, have merged. This is fertilization! The egg will next grow to become an embryo, then a foetus. The organs, the members will appear and develop until the birth. In vitro fertilization, twin pregnancy,  caesarean section… All is explained  in a simple and accurate way.

Rights sold Japanese, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (America), Turkish
Series I know my body


Illustrator Nicolas Gouny

Mmmm…. Pastas. Spaghettis, cannelloni, pasta shells, there are of many kinds. And to prepare them: some durum wheat flour, some water… And that’s it! To make fresh pastas, one must add some eggs. One thing is for sure: it is the flour’s quality that matters most!

Rights sold Chinese (simpl.) , Korean, Polish
Series I know what I eat

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